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acpi 3400 unsupported event (0x86)


trying to install on my new laptop HP Omen 15 dc000ns with an intel 8750h + nvidia 1050 I get the error in the title constantly.

I have tried to use acpi=off, nouveau.modeset=0 and noapic as kernel parameters but the error persists and is annoying as hell since it messes with the text menus of the cli.

Im trying to install in bios mode but trying uefi mode is the same.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: using the latest 1.0.1 cli iso and using the aforementioned kernel parameters seems to make the issue go away, but then the laptop keyboard doesnt work. Im on the road so I cant try with a real keyboard, which I suppose it should work

EDIT2: after asking around in they hotel im staying i was able to get an usb keyboard and finish the installation. however the boot process get stuck at "Started Hostname service"

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