Anarchy Linux Package Repository

Name Version Description Maintainer Updated
alpm_octopi_utils 1.0.0-1 Alpm utils for Octopi condor Jan 12 17:59
android-sdk 26.1.1-1 Google Android SDK condor Jan 4 18:18
android-sdk-platform-tools r27.0.1-1 Platform-Tools for Google Android SDK (adb and fastboot) condor Jan 4 18:18
arch-wiki-cli 0.3-1 Search the arch wiki from the cli condor Jan 4 18:18
cower 17-2 A simple AUR agent with a pretentious name condor Jan 4 18:18
downgrade 6.0.0-1 Bash script for downgrading one or more packages to a version in your cache or the A.L.A. condor Jan 4 18:18
dropbox 47.4.74-2 A free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. condor Apr 22 16:35
dropbox-cli 2015.10.28-2 Command line interface for dropbox condor Jan 4 18:18
enemy-territory 2.60b-14 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a completely free, standalone, team-based, multiplayer FPS Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a completely free, standalone, team-based, multiplayer FPS (data) condor Jan 4 18:18
fetchmirrors 0.5-3 Fetch new pacman mirrorlist and rank the best condor Jan 4 18:18
fetchpkg 0.3-7 CLI frontend for pacman / AUR condor Jan 4 18:18
google-chrome 66.0.3359.117-1 The popular and trusted web browser by Google (Stable Channel) condor Apr 22 16:39
google-earth Semi-legacy 3D interface to explore the globe, terrain, streets, buildings and other planets condor Jan 4 18:18
google-talkplugin Video chat browser plug-in for Google Hangouts condor Jan 4 18:18
gtkd 3.7.5-1 D bindings for GTK+ and related libraries. condor Mar 6 07:54
gtk-theme-elementary 5.1.1-1 The official elementary GTK theme designed to be smooth, attractive, fast, and usable. condor Mar 14 19:02
i3-gaps-git 4.14.1-1 A fork of i3wm tiling window manager with more features, including gaps condor Feb 11 15:28
ld-lsb 3-7 Faking a Linux Standard Base runtime condor Jan 4 18:18
lib32-libmng 2.0.3-1 A collection of routines used to create and manipulate MNG format graphics files (32-bit) condor Jan 26 12:15
lib32-qt4 4.8.7-14 A cross-platform application and UI framework (32-bit) condor Jan 26 12:15
neofetch 3.3.0-1 A CLI system information tool written in BASH that supports displaying images. condor Jan 4 18:18
numix-circle-icon-theme-git 0.r3.3773866-1 Circle icon theme from the Numix project condor Feb 11 15:29
numix-icon-theme-git 0.r1864.27ddab5-1 Base icon theme from the Numix project condor Feb 11 15:30
obmenu-generator 0.84-1 A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager (with icons support). condor Jan 4 18:18
octopi 0.8.5-3 a powerful Pacman frontend using Qt libs A powerful Pacman frontend using Qt5 libs Pacman helper for Octopi notifier Notifier for Octopi using Qt5 libs Notifier for Octopi with Knotifications support Pacman repo editor for Octopi Cachecleaner for Octopi condor Jan 12 17:59
oh-my-zsh-git r4317.291e96dc-1 A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 180+ optional plugins and over 120 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community condor Feb 11 15:30
opensnap 0.1-1 Aero Snap Funcionality In Openbox condor Jan 4 18:18
package-query 1.9-2 Query ALPM and AUR condor Jan 4 18:18
pacmixer 0.6.3-1 alsamixer alike for PulseAudio. condor Jan 4 18:18
pamac-aur 6.2.7-2 A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm condor Apr 22 17:53
perl-linux-desktopfiles 0.25-1 A very fast Perl module for parsing the Linux desktop files. condor Jan 4 18:18
plex-media-server Plex Media Server condor Apr 22 16:44
plymouth 0.9.3-3 A graphical boot splash screen with kernel mode-setting support condor Jan 4 18:18
powerline-fonts-git r100.a44abd0-3 Powerline fonts for X11 and the console condor Feb 11 15:32
skype P2P software for high-quality voice communication condor Mar 22 08:04
spotify A proprietary music streaming service condor Apr 22 17:45
sublime-text 2.0.2-4 Sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose condor Jan 4 18:18
teamviewer 13.1.3026-9 All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings condor Apr 22 17:21
tilix 1.7.5-2 A tiling terminal emulator for Linux using GTK+ 3 condor
tor-browser-en 7.5.3-1 Tor Browser Bundle: anonymous browsing using Firefox and Tor condor Mar 31 08:31
ttf-ms-fonts 2.0-10 Core TTF Fonts from Microsoft condor Jan 4 18:18
virtualbox-ext-oracle 5.2.10-1 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack condor Apr 22 16:45
vivaldi 1.14.1077.60-2 An advanced browser made with the power user in mind. condor Mar 31 08:34
xmacro 0.4.6-2 Recording and replaying keyboard and mouse events on an X server condor Jan 4 18:18
xscreensaver-arch-logo 5.39-1 Screen saver and locker for the X Window System with Arch Linux branding condor Apr 22 16:49
yaourt 1.9-1 A pacman wrapper with extended features and AUR support condor Jan 4 18:18
zuki-themes 3.26.1-1 A selection of themes for GNOME, Xfce and more (includes Zukitwo and Zukitre). condor Apr 22 16:49